Maryland Endurance Challenge
Sunday, May 20

(Click here to view photos and results from our 2017 event)

It’s just another day in paradise

…with 12-hour, 6-hour, and 3-hour rides in beautiful Frederick County, Maryland.

Starting and ending on the East Campus of Mount St. Mary’s University, we’ve prepared route options for all cycling abilities for you

Cross covered bridges, cruise the rolling farmlands, and enjoy Mid-Maryland’s pastoral countryside. Challenge yourself, and help the needy.

Who is this ride for?
Hard-core racers
Endurance racers
Ultramarathon cyclists
UMCA competitors
Recreational cyclists
Fun riders

Presented as a fundraiser for SHIP of Frederick County, the Maryland Endurance Challenge is proud to be associated with the UltraMarathon Cycling Association (UMCA).  The Maryland Endurance Challenge results for UMCA members will count toward the World Cup of UltraCycling 12-hour and 6-Hour Series.

This is a drafting-legal ride.

12-Hour Challenge:
Three very scenic 34-mile loops of north-central Maryland’s pastoral farmlands, including Frederick County’s three famous covered bridges. There will be a control/rest point at the half-way mark.
Then – traverse to the short loop and complete as many laps as you can, around a 7-mile loop on quiet country roads.

6-Hour Challenge:
Two laps of the scenic 34-mile loop.
Then – traverse to the 7-mile loop and complete as many laps as you can do.

3-Hour Challenge:
One lap of the scenic 34-mile loop
As many laps as you can do, around a 7-mile loop on quiet country roads.

Need More Information?

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Amenities Include:
Electronic timing
Refreshment stations
SAG support
Rest rooms
Bike repair facilities
Medals for high-placed finishers
Medals for the biggest fundraisers
Points for UMCA competitors
Raise funds for homeless youth
Funds raised are tax deductible
And so much more … watch this space!

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Registration will open in early 2018.