Why “Another Day In Paradise”?


Frederick County really is a “paradise” for cyclists. There are impossible hills, scenic rolling vistas, verdant farmlands, straight fast roads, countless gravel rides, and our watershed area is famous among mountain bikers nationwide.

The route we’ve planned for the Maryland Endurance Challenge follows gently undulating country roads that are fun, fast, and wonderfully scenic. A real cyclist’s paradise.

In addition:

The pinnacle of the ultramarathon cycling world is the race across America (known as RAAM).

One of the elder statesmen of RAAM was Dr. Bob Breedlove. Bob was the most friendly, helpful person imaginable, and was known and loved throughout the ultra-cycling community.

Bob’s favorite expression, especially when riding, was “it’s another day in paradise”.  In fact, he had a vanity plate on his car that read “IADIP”.

The 2005 RAAM was being filmed for a movie that would become the award winning “Bicycle dreams”, and Bob was to be heavily featured.

But Bob died on that ride in a tragic accident.

Hence the significance of that expression, among the ultra-cycling community. (Bob’s hometown, DesMoines, IA, renamed a plaza as “Paradise Plaza”, in honor of Bob.)

So the name of this ride is both – an apt description of Frederick’s verdant countryside, and a tip of the hat to Dr. Bob.

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(Note: The Maryland Endurance Challenge is not a RAAM qualifier event, because it is not a 24-hour ride, and because drafting is permitted)


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