F A Q s

Frequently Asked Questions

When is this event?
Sunday, May 20th, 2018.

What’s this endurance challenge thing all about?
Everybody in each class starts at once, then 12 (or 6, or 3) hours later, the riders with the most miles in each class win a medal.

Where is it, and where will we ride?
It starts and ends at Mount St. Mary’s university in Frederick County.  It’s on quiet country roads that meander through north Frederick county.  Click here to see information about the ride.  Click here to see information about the (really awesome) route we’ve worked out for you.

Is it a race
Yes and no.
Yes, you have the option of competing for the most miles, and many hardcore cyclists will expect to complete well over 200 miles in 12 hours.
But no, you don’t get to blow the stop signs or ignore the traffic laws.  And you don’t have to race – we expect many cyclists to just enjoy the fun ride.

I’m not a racer.  Why should I bother? Or – is it a fun-ride?
Yes, it’s a fun ride!
Whether you’re a hard-core ultracyclist, or a family enjoying a slow and easy day on bikes together, it will be a blast!

What’s the terrain like?
Rolling, and pretty.  See the course description here.

How will you know how many miles I ride?
We’ll have electronic timing chips attached to your ride numbers.  At the start/end point, the chip reader will read your number and figure out your distance.  In addition, there are check points along the “long loop”.

Can I stop and rest during the race?
You can stop as often and as long as you like. The clock, however, keeps running.

Is Drafting allowed?
Yes.  But you do so at your own risk.

Can I have my own support during the event?
Yes, however, crew vehicles are not allowed on the course. They can meet you at the checkpoints.

Will I need lights?
No.  The event will run entirely in daylight. For enhanced safety, you might like to bring a tail light or “blinky” strobe light anyway.

How much does it cost to register?
It’s really, really cheap!
Go to our registration page for full details.

Can I register on the day of the race?
Yes.  But be there well before the start time, and expect a different registration fee.

Who is organizing this event
Working closely with a few highly-experienced friends and accomplished cyclists, athletes and event organizers, SHIP is organizing this event, as a fund raiser.

Who or what is SHIP
SHIP (Students Homeless Initiative Partnership of Frederick County) helps homeless school children in Frederick County.  It is a charity that was started by people who happen to be avid cycling enthusiasts in what little spare time they have, and it’s always been well supported by the cycling community.  SHIP has received very generous support from various bodies including the school system, the city government, and numerous incredibly cool friends and volunteers. Click here to see more information about SHIP.

Who or what is UMCA
If you’ve ever raced in a USA Cycling event, then think of the UMCA as the ultra-distance equivalent of USAC.  Click here to view more information about the UMCA, the UltraMarathon Cycling Association.

Do I have to be a member of the UMCA to ride in this event?
** For the 3-hour Mason-Dixon ride – NO.
** For the 6-hour Free State Challenge – NO.
** For the 12-hour National Championship – YES.    But we will register you for a full year’s membership with the UMCA at half price.
** Current UMCA members will be asked for UMCA numbers at the time of registration, and will receive a $15 discount.

Will it rain?
No.  We have placed an order for a rain-free day on Sunday 5/20/2018.

Will there be headwinds?
No.  We also ordered calm weather and tailwinds.

What about awards?
There will be a podium ceremony about half an hour after the event.
** Medals will be awarded to the top three male and the top three female finishers in each of the three events.
** The male and female winners of the 12-hour race will officially be awarded their NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP status – with a special medal, and a champion’s cycling jersey.
** We will post detailed results by age range and bike type on our web site, and all UMCA-members will have their results added to their UMCA Ultracup standings.

Can I use more than one bike?
Yes, as long as your bikes are in the same category. E.g. you would not be able to switch from a tandem to a recumbent.  Also – bear in mind that you would need to move any race numbers and timing chips that are attached to your bike.

What happens if I register and then can’t make it to the event?
We will miss you at the event, but we cannot refund any registration fees.

What if it rains? Will you re-schedule the event?
Cancelling event will be a decision that will be made on the day of the ride. If the decision is made to cancel the event, we will not be able to make it up.

Do you have insurance
Yes, we’re insured against certain events – but our coverage does not include any accidents, damage, or injuries you might suffer on the road.

Are there any other rules?
** No cheating.
** No whining.
** No drugs.
** No motors or ebikes.
** No abusing the organizers – we’re very sensitive!
**  Click here to see the rest of the rules.

What about food?
We’ll have snacks and a drinks at the two checkpoints – i.e. the start/finish point at Mount St. Mary’s, and at the southern end of the 34-mile loop. We’re also working with sponsors to see if we can arrange more wholesome foods.  But you are advised to bring enough food and drinks to supplement what we provide.


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