National 12-Hour Championship Race

We’re honored to announce that the Ultramarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) has selected our 12-hour event as-

Drafting legal

May 20th, 2018

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What is this race?

Simple : It’s a charity ride that asks:
How far can you ride in 12 hours?

Challenge yourself – do you think you can do 100 miles in 12 hours?
Or 150 miles?

Who can compete?

You can!
It’s open to all cyclists.

What’s the route?

A Classic Two-Loop Ride:

There are two circuits:

The long loop (34.2 mile) , which you’ll complete three times – for a total of around 102 miles.

The short loop (6.6 mile), which you’ll complete as many times as you can until the clock runs out

At the end of each loop, you’ll pass through a timing station which will count your laps, and record your time down to a tenth of a second.

The Long Loop:

34.2 miles

We start at the Mount St. Mary’s University campus. The route loops through northern Frederick County, and meanders through country roads and pastoral farmlands.

After 10 miles you’ll pass through the Loy’s Station covered bridge, then follow one of the local cyclists’ favorite roads to the southern end of the loop. The only hill on the course is around mile 15. It’s 0.4 miles long and climbs just 121 feet, at an average grade of 5.7%.

You’ll pass through the Utica Covered Bridge after around 17.5 miles, and almost immediately after the bridge, there’s a control point and snack station. You don’t have to stop, but our timekeepers will record your number as you come past that point.

On your northbound leg you’ll ride the shady Wilhide road, which is one of the prettiest lanes in the county.

The course avoids traffic by curving around the eastern side of historic Thurmont, then after passing through the Roddy Road Covered Bridge, you’ll be directed to back to the timing control, at the start-end point.

Click here for a RideWithGPS route description of the long loop.

Click here to download a GPX file for the long loop.

Cue-sheets will be provided at registration.

The Short Loop:

6.6 miles

We start at the Mount St. Mary’s University campus. The route loops through northern Frederick County, then meanders past Tom’s Creek, crosses Story Branch, and turns north for a fast, flat run back to the timing station.

Click here for a RideWithGPS route description of the short loop.

Click here to download a GPX file for the short loop.

What Do Winners Get?

The overall winner in the men’s division and in the women’s division will get:

A special champions medal, which we will engrave for you.

A national champions jersey.

Lifelong bragging rights – if you win, you will be a bona fide national champion!

Tell your grand children, tell your friends, tell your local newspaper … heck, tell everyone!

Winners in each gender, age-group, and bike-type category will also achieve national champion status!

What Does Everyone Else get?

Gold, silver, and bronze medals for the top three men finishers.

Gold, silver, and bronze medals for the top three women finishers.

UMCA competitors get points toward their World Cup of UltraCycling and Ultra Cup of UltraCycling campaigns.

UMCA competitors will receive recognition for their finishing positions broken down by gender, age group, and bike type.  (See here for details).

Are There Any Championship Rules?

You have to be a member of the UMCA.  But don’t worry – if you’re not a member yet, we’ll sign you up and we’ll pay your membership fee for the whole of 2018.

If you’re already a member of the UMCA you qualify for a $15.00 discount to your entry fee.

Your results count toward the UMCA World Cup of UltraCycling.

All non-faired upright and recumbent bicycles are allowed to compete for the overall male and female championship.

A Charity Ride?

ALL proceeds go to SHIP – to help us to help homeless schoolkids.

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A Few Brief Technical Notes For UMCA Competitors:

The first lap is actually 33.9 miles
Subsequent laps are 34.2 miles.
So the total mileage for the 3 long loops is 102.3 miles.
Those details will be worked into the distance and average speed calculations reported to the UMCA in the final results.

We want you to get full credit for the whole 12-hour period.
So – when you approach the timing station near the end of the 12 hours – keep riding!  Do another loop, and finish after the clock runs out.  We will apply an algorithm to calculate the distance you rode right up to the last second.

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